**Course Disclaimer**

This course is not designed to replace therapy. It is highly recommended that you are working with a mental health therapist while diving into this deep trauma work. The work is vulnerable so make sure you are staying mindful to your trauma responses and working closely with your own personal therapist, friends, family, or support group.

About the Courses

Included in the Bundle

These three courses are designed to help you get in touch with your inner child, open up space for hidden grief, heal each developmental age by exploring the needs that weren't met, and to teach skills to start reparenting yourself.

The goal for each part of the courses is for you to lovingly set aside the negative stories/traumas from the past so you can start living the most authentic and true life possible.

I hope you know how deserving you are of that gift.

Included in the courses will be:

  • Guided visual meditations
  • Letter writing exercises
  • Narrative therapy techniques
  • Debriefing questions for all the assignments and sections
  • Psychoeducation around the developmental ages
  • Three connection calls with the creator of the course (Two 30-minute calls and One 60-minute call)
  • And much more

If you have more questions are unsure if it feels worth it, contact Brionna today at [email protected] She would be happy to answer questions and discuss concerns.

Sending warmth on your inner child journey.

Break down of course cost:

Part 1 - $77

Part 2 - $177

Part 3 - $117

Total = $371

Buy the bundle and save 10% = $333

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